Bible Teachings For Wives And Husbands

Bible-approved marriages–those between one man and one woman–are facing increasing pressures from many directions. When research and reality shows that half of all marriages ends in break up in so many countries, it’s obvious that many couples are in trouble. What are the many stresses and pressures many wives and husbands face today, and what can they do to manage them to be sure their marriages survive? Does marriage really matter? Just how important is it? What does the Bible say? Our message today will focus on the marriage between one man and one woman and how you can effectively manage the many pressures and stresses of your marriage in troubled times using biblical principles and practical solutions directly from the Word of Yahweh, the Bible! As always, we will let the Holy Spirit help and guide us to share with you the ever truthful and faithful Word of Heavenly Father Yahweh to solve and answer even the most hopeless and most critical problems traditional marriages face today. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, we now present to you the Bible teachings for wives and husbands.

In the beginning, Almighty Yahweh performed the first marriage. The Bible tells us that He made the first woman and “brought her to the man.” The first man Adam was so happy that he said: “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.” (Genesis 2:22, 23). This clearly tells us that our Creator Yahweh wants married people to be happy. Very sadly, many people in this world have never experienced true happiness with their own spouse. However, as previously mentioned, the Bible contains many “marriage-saving” principles that will help those with Bible-approved marriages to make their marriage life really successful and to enjoy being truly happy together. In the paragraphs below we will share with both the husband and the wife what the Heavenly Father Yahweh expects from them as two married individuals. So keep reading and learn.

The Bible says: “The wife should have deep respect for her husband” (Ephesians 5:33). What if a husband does not share his wife’s beliefs? She still needs to have deep respect for him. The Bible says: “You wives, be in subjection to your husbands, so that if any are not obedient to the word, they may be won without a word through the conduct of their wives, because of having been eyewitnesses of your chaste conduct together with deep respect” (1 Peter 3:1, 2). A wife’s good example can help her husband to understand and respect her faith. What can a wife do when she disagrees with her husband? She should express her opinions in a respectful way. A wife should take good care of her household (Titus 2:4, 5). When her husband and children see how hard she works for them, they will love and respect her even more (Proverbs 31:10, 28). Sometimes couples quickly decide to separate or divorce. However, the Bible clearly tells us that “a wife should not separate from her husband” and that a husband should not leave his wife” (1 Corinthians 7:10,11). The Bible also plainly teaches that the only valid reason for divorce is if a husband or a wife has sex with someone other than his or her spouse (Matthew 19:9).

As for the husbands the Bible says that a good husband should treat his wife with love and respect (Ephesians 5:25-29). A husband will always treat his wife in a loving way. A husband is responsible for the family. A good husband should provide for his family (1 Timothy 5:8). He will also protect her, look after her, and do nothing that would harm her. But what should a husband do when his wife makes mistakes? The Bible says: “Keep on loving your wives and do not be bitterly angry with them” (Colossians 3:19). Husbands, remember that you too make mistakes. And if you want Heavenly Father Yahweh to forgive you, you must forgive your wife (Matthew 6:12, 14, 15). Almighty Yahweh expects a husband to honor his wife’s needs. If a husband does not treat his wife well, Yahweh may refuse to listen to his prayers (1 Peter 3:7). A good husband should remember that “no man ever hated his own body, but he feeds and cherishes it.” (Ephesians 5:28-29). A husband must be loving┬áto his wife because she comes from him. A husband should love and cherish his wife.

As for both the husband and the wife Yahshua Messiah explained that both “are no longer two, but one flesh” (Matthew 19:6). They must be loyal to each other and would never be unfaithful to each other (Proverbs 5:15-21; Hebrews 13:4). Husbands and wives should unselfishly care for each other’s sexual needs (1 Corinthians 7:3-5). A husband and wife should honor and respect each other (1 Peter 3:1, 2, 7). When a husband and wife are both willing to forgive each other’s mistakes, it will help them to have a happy marriage. So if you are a husband, love your wife and treat her with love. If you are a father, guide your family “in a fine manner” (1 Timothy 3:4, 5; 5:8). What makes people valuable to Heavenly Father Yahweh is that they love Him. Yahweh does not prefer men over women, or vice-versa. This means He loves them both and wants them to be caring and loving to each other, and He both wants them to be happy.

In closing, the Bible says: “The head of every man is Yahshua, the head of woman is man, and the head of the Messiah is Yahweh” (1 Corinthians 11:3). Remember that every husband and wife makes mistakes. But when a good wife and a good husband support each other’s good decision and cooperate with each other willingly, then both of them and the whole family benefits. When Yahweh made human beings, He designed us for a relationship with the opposite sex. After creating Adam, Almighty Yahweh said: “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him” (Genesis 2:18). Immediately following His creation of this first union of male and female, Yahweh established a precedent for the human race, stating: “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). This meant that the two of them were to become one in the sexual sense and also, in a more figurative sense, that they were to share their lives and work together in a very close personal relationship that would last a lifetime. The Bible-approved marriage between one man and one woman, means these two married individuals were to be “one” physically, mentally and in their sociological, marital relationship to each other. Here we see that not only is Bible-approved marriage something “good,” it is also a way to obtain the Heavenly Father’s “favor.” Almighty Yahweh sanctions “other kinds” of marriage relationship between human beings! Why? Because “He seeks heavenly offspring” and He “hates divorce” (Malachi 2:15-16). It is within this Bible-approved marriage relationship that we can glimpse the special love Yahshua Messiah has for His Church. And these are the true Bible teachings for wives and husbands the Holy Spirit wants us to teach you today. We hope and pray that you’re blessed by this true and faithful message. May the love and truth of Almighty Yahweh and Savior Yahshua be with you all. Please share this message and this humble website to many others, and may you be blessed for doing so. Shalom, Halleluyah!