The Secret Truths About The Bible

The Bible have been for thousands of years. People have read the Word of Heavenly Father Yahweh from its pages and from the prophets. They have heard Yahweh’s exhortation to repent and obey. But, no matter who has brought the message, no matter the medium, the result has always been the same—only a relative handful have responded and allowed that understanding to change their lives according to its teachings and principles. The message is clear, though. No matter what others may do, people have the power and responsibility to take personal action and seek the truth and love of Yahweh to mankind. The Bible is a reliable guide to human conduct. It is Almighty Yahweh’s Word to a spiritually bankrupt humanity. It is our Maker’s instruction book, telling us how we should live. In today’s message, we are going to reveal to you the secret truths about the Bible. As always, we will ask the help of the Holy Spirit to guide us in explaining to you its many spiritual benefits and precious promises. It is a very popular book, but a very misunderstood one, as many people make it confusing and difficult to understand by using instead their own interpretations, thus misapplying the full and true meaning of its texts.

First and foremost, you have to understand the Bible is inspired of Yahweh (2 Timothy 3:16). But some may think this way: the Bible was written by men, so how can it be from Heavenly Father Yahweh? The Bible itself answer this question in saying: “Men spoke from Yahweh as they were moved by the Holy Spirit” (2 Peter 1:21). The author of the Holy Scripture is Yahweh, not the men He used to write it. Almighty Yahweh guided His prophets to write His thoughts. Therefore, the Bible really is “the Word of Yahweh” (1 Thessalonians 2:13). Do you know that it took more than 1,600 years to write the Bible? Its writers lived at different times. Some were well-educated and others were not. Even though there were different writers, all parts of the Bible agree. It doesn’t say one thing in one chapter and the opposite in another. Also the Bible was not written to teach science or to be a school textbook, but what it says about scientific matters is always accurate. That is what we would expect of a Book that comes from the Most High Yahweh. In the next paragraphs, you will find the many wonderful things about the Bible. Are you ready?

As mentioned, the Bible is inspired by Almighty Yahweh. The Bible tells us: “All Scripture is given by inspiration of Yahweh, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16). The first chapters of the Bible explain how the world’s problems started, and the last chapters tell us how Yahweh will solve those problems by making the earth a paradise. The Holy Bible covers thousands of years of human history and shows that Yahweh’s purpose is always accomplished whether we, humans, like it or not. Do you know the Bible correctly teaches that the earth hangs on nothing? (Job 26:7). And when most people believed that the earth was flat, the Bible said that it was round (Isaiah 40:22). Yes, the Bible is very accurate, as it comes from Almighty Yahweh, the Creator of mankind and the whole universe! Those people who say the Bible is not accurate and not true are only those people who are totally ignorant of Yahweh’s Word (Bible). The apostle Peter warns us about this when he said: “…In which are some things hard to understand, which those who are untaught and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures” (2 Peter 3:16).

Furthermore, the Bible is a Book full of good advice. Yahweh knows how we are made, so He understands how we think and feel. He knows us better than we know ourselves, and He wants us to be happy. He knows what is good for us and what is bad for us. Yahshua Messiah gave us great advice on how to be happy, how to get along with others, how to pray, and how to view money (Matthew chapters 5 to 7). Although He gave this advice 2,000 years ago, it is just as powerful and helpful today. The Bible also teaches us principles that help us to have a better family life, and to be good workers. Bible principles can always help us, no matter who we are, where we live, or what problems we have. Truly, the Holy One of Israel teaches us how to benefit from His words, and leads us on the way we should go (Isaiah 48:17). The Bible is the only Book in existence today that can give us all the advice and all the answers we ever need to the many and all of life’s difficult and confusing situations we get ourselves into. We verily owe Yahweh tons of appreciation for His Word, the Bible.

Moreover, the Bible can change your life. There is no other book like the Bible. It can help you to know who you really are. It can help you to understand your deepest thoughts and feelings. For example, we may think that we love Heavenly Father Yahweh. But to prove that we love Him, we need to apply what the Bible tells us. The Bible can also help you to understand what Yahweh expects of you. It can help you to understand Yahweh’s purpose for your life. But the Bible does even more than that. The apostle Paul wrote: “The Word of Yahweh is alive and exerts power” (Hebrews 4:12). The Bible truly is a Word from Almighty Yahweh. We all should be thankful for this precious Book. We must all keep on studying it and share it to others free of charge. The Bible is designed to help you with problems and struggles of everyday life. It teaches you how to take good control of the challenges in your life. The Bible tells us: “I, Yahweh, Am your Elohim, the One teaching you to benefit yourself” (Isaiah 48:17).

Last but not least, the Bible is a book of prophecy. It tells us about the past, present and the future. Many Bible prophecies have already come true. Prophecy discloses many details of Almighty Yahweh’s great design. It explains His actions in human affairs and how they relate to His revealed plan. Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 illustrate Yahweh’s blessings for obedience and punishment for disobedience. Prophecy also reveals specific events and sequences of events. Bible prophecy indicates that, as the age of man draws to an end, bad political and military leaders will unleash violence and destruction on an unimaginable scale. Hundreds of millions will lose their lives. Prophecy reveals that a series of man-made kingdoms would arise on earth. Prophecy tells us that Satan the devil reign on earth will eventually end and he will be destroyed. But before that the time of the end of his reign will be marked by man-made caused human suffering and very horrific natural catastrophes unparalleled in history.¬†Prophecy also shows how the Creator Yahweh will intervene in mankind’s affairs and establish His Kingdom, which will bring peace, righteousness and salvation to all humanity. Prophecy also foretold the coming of the Savior of mankind, Yahshua Messiah! It was foretold hundreds, even thousands, of years before He was born. It shows precise details about His birth, ministry and death. Prophecy foretold the coming Kingdom of Yahweh under Yahshua’s rule, where the whole world will be transformed into a paradise of peace and plenty! “Everyone shall sit under his vine and under his fig tree, and no one shall make them afraid” (Micah 4:4). Prophecy shows “The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, the lion shall eat straw like the ox…They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain,” says Yahweh (Isaiah 65:21-25). The fact that so many Bible prophecies have already come true means that we can fully trust the Scripture. Yahweh will keep His promise to make the earth a paradise (Revelation 21:1-5). We can have the hope of “eternal life that Yahweh, who cannot lie, promised before time began” (Titus 1:2).

In closing, the Bible is a very precious gift from Almighty Yahweh. It gives us very vital information that we can’t find anywhere else. The Bible has been translated into about 2,600 languages, and billions of copies have been printed. And each week, more than a million people get a Bible. Yes, there is no other book like the Bible! This Holy Book gives us principles that can help us when we have problems. In the Bible, we learn how Yahweh will accomplish His purpose to make the earth a better place. As you study the Bible, you will discover that Heavenly Father Yahweh wants you to be His friend. The more you learn about Him, the closer your friendship with Him will become. The author of the Bible is Yahweh (1 Thessalonians 2:13). He wants you to read it, study it, and love it. Be thankful for the Bible, and keep studying it. It will truly help you understand Heavenly Father Yahweh’s purpose for mankind. You’ve just learned the secret truths about the Bible. Share it to others. We hope and pray that you’re blessed by this true and faithful message. May the love and truth of Yahweh and Yahshua be with you all. Shalom, Halleluyah!