Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen

Would it surprise you to learn that Messiah Yahshua “Jesus Christ” from Nazareth insisted that the salvation He enabled would only be found by the few in number at this present generation? ¬†Furthermore, when the true saints of Yahweh, the Almighty Father in heaven, coming marching in at the return of Yahshua to this earth, will you be there among that number? (Matthew 24:30-31)

Due to man’s repeatedly ¬†demonstrated flaws and weaknesses, the Bible insists that Yahweh will extend mercy only to the few now, but to the many later. The Bible plainly teaches that Yahshua is coming again here on earth for the second time. This second time, however, He is coming in order to fully establish the Kingdom of Yahweh in order to end the age of human misrule. According to the Bible the Kingdom of Yahweh is not merely a sentiment or a feeling in a believer’s heart. The prophesied Kingdom of Yahweh will replace the current political, financial, and social leadership who are misleading humanity to such a degree that they will completely destroy humanity if not for Yahweh’s direct intervention in world affairs to prevent it (Matthew 24:22).

So, what will Yahshua do when He returns? Those who have appropriately feared, served, and loved Him will be rewarded. But He will punish those who have promoted that which led humanity to its enslavement to sin and to the earth’s environmental degradation (Matthew 13:41, Revelation 11:18).

If you really believe that you’re a true Christian called by the Almighty Father in heaven and care about the truth of the message contained in the Holy Scriptures, you should not take it for granted that you’ve got it made; that it’s all up to you; that you can do what you like; that you can name it and claim it; Why? Because you’re not the measure of all things! Yahweh is!

Doing your own thing may be today’s dominant philosophy, but that doesn’t make it the ultimate reality. The Judeo-Christian Bible clearly teaches that you must be willing to carefully pay attention to what our Creator has to say about our salvation. This divine narrative is the Creator’s road map given to us so that we can arrive at all the true saints’ desired safe haven that is to come soon: the Kingdom of Yahweh here on earth with His Son Yahshua as the King!

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